Fabiana A. Florida

Education in America

Discrepancies between low-income and high-income students in American public schools

Dear Future President,

As a nation, when asked what our main priority is, many would say the ability for all kids to have access to the proper education that they deserve. However, this mindset has not been thought out enough to actually become applicable in our world. When most politicians mention the concept of equal education, they only keep in mind the children that are as privileged as most of them were back at that same age. We always seem to forget the percentage of children from inner city schools. Those that cannot seem to escape what seems to be their “inevitable fate” for a trend is destined to repeat itself for generations. We like to believe that all children are the same and that the opportunities that are presented to them are equal, but that is a lie constantly repeated in our head to take away from the focus on the discrepancies between these opportunities.

In a world stricken by the love of money, the parental love for a child is no longer enough to get them somewhere. The efforts of the parents diminish just as quickly as the hopes the children have once they see the “second home” that they will be attending for a great portion of their early life. The importance of a good education is not the main focus of the school, for the worry of misdemeanors occurring in the hallway outside take up more of the attention than the lesson in front of them.The schools do not let students reach their full potential. Their effort is capped between the four walls with no hope to grow beyond the building that entraps them. 

Thank you for your consideration on this topic,

Fabiana Andrade

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