Aubrey R. Kentucky

College Education Expense Is Outrageous

Why college tuition should be lowered in price. Its outrageous!

Dear Future President,

The United States has many issues that I would like to have addressed. There is one, though, that I would especially like to see resolved. This is the expense of a college education. I will be going to college in about 6 years. I am worried that college tuition rates will keep increasing as they have been currently, which would put my future self into a long-term debt. In addition, I believe that this expense should be lowered because most people are unable to finish their higher education due to cost, most well paying jobs in society require a college degree, and financial aid makes for large student loan debt.

First, I think that the expense for a higher education should be lowered because most people are unable to complete their degrees. Expense rates have tripled since 1974. Students are running out of money. Studies show that only 59% of college students finish their bachelor’s degree. Our country should be ashamed! It is sad that universities have become so expensive that 41% of students cannot afford to finish a 4-year degree!

To continue, I believe that college education expenses should be decreased because those without a college education sometimes are unable to find a well paying job. Most well paying jobs require a college degree. This can cause a struggle to pay bills and provide for their family and could lead to them having to utilize government assistance and/or live in poverty. Along with the increasing college expenses the unemployment rate has risen. It seems as though these two problems could be related to one another and solving one could help solve the other.

Finally, I feel that higher education costs should be reduced because of student loans. Many students look to financial aid to pay for a college degree. These loans can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, which gains interest, adding to the total. Many young adults leave college with hefty student loan debt, leading to high monthly payments. With these high monthly payments, adults may struggle to pay their other bills.

To conclude, a large issue that I would like resolved is the high expense of college education. I say this because most people are not finishing their college degrees due to the cost, most well paying jobs in society require a college degree, and financial aid causes large student loan debt. This issue has been growing for over ten years. It is time for someone to help solve it. I believe that you are the perfect president to do that.


Aubrey R.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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