Brenda California

Project Liberty

Liberty is vital to the American promise and should be protected. I find liberty to invlude social mobility, security, and free will. We must educate and trust in the sovereign citizens of our country.

Dear Trusted President,

Liberty is what makes me proud to be American. It's one of the only things that has redeemed the hatred and injustices hosted within these fifty United States for as long as impurities polluted this state’s potential. Liberty is more than a donated statue in New York Harbor or one third of Locke's brilliant aphorism. It is social mobility, the equipment to make contentedness possible, and the courage to never be content. I hope you can stomach my liberal use of “liberty”, as many would agree there is no word more appropriate.

Of all the 7 billion people in this world, I am lucky to be among the 300 million that are American. I am glad I can have a voice in a rather stable government. I can speak negatively about my government and it will still protect my right to do so. The rights listed in our constitution do what they were meant to in keeping the power in the hands of the people. The people are sovereign, but divided. Socioeconomic gaps and mass discontent are only a troubling representation of that.

The division is a result of fear. As a nation we fear civil and external threats. Fear causes division in hopes of acquiring secure. No member of this beloved country should feel obligated to sacrifice personal security for national security. We are all security by the impermeability of an individual-united front. This is lost in the fear of one another, especially considering the international terrorism crisis which has worked to divide our state as well as our international affairs.

Taking into consideration the representative democracy we have, there is trust more than fear in our government. This is only challenged by who we all trust. We trust you, of course, to lead us in a direction of peace and positive change, but how we trust the citizen-sovereigns around us determines the course of our state.

I beseech you, who has earned ballots of trust from our nation, to implement Project Liberty. This would entail the fluidity of social mobility by ensuring the availability of high-level education to all citizens and allowing for the just entry of those who wish to partake in our prosperity. This is the only cure to the epidemic of prejudice and misinformation among voters which would restore our national trust. With trust does not come vulnerability, but unification against all threats to liberty. This gift of the American journey was gifted by luck and determination to all who have managed to walk alongside our forefathers and make monumental change in the world.


Brenda Herron

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2A

High school English IB course

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