Leonte Hughes Wisconsin

"Racial Profiling Against Young Black Males"

"Racial profiling has destroyed trust in today's policemen" for instance if a black male has an expepensive car some policemen will pull them over because they think they stole it when they didn't and its a rental or they own the car because they have a good paying job

Dear Mr/Mrs president, 

The killings of black males has increased dramatically since the 80's and 90's. In the 80's there was still racism but even today there is racism in ways we don't realize like in school there is bullying by students onto other students of color because of the way the look or their religion or because they are Muslim and wear a hijab or because they are a student of color and dress differently then other people. Black lives do matter and just because of our skin color doesn't mean we aren't humans because all people of every race are humans, despite the stereotype that cops put on black males. The question we probably all have is why is racial profiling/police brutality targeting our young black males? 80 percent of black males that have been killed it has been by gun violence,15 percent is Hispanic and 5 percent is white and other race and 75.3% of black males, 21.9% of Hispanic and 2.8% of white nd other races were unarmed and shot and killed. But why are black males being targeted by police is it racism is it racial profiling or is it a hate crime that will be solved by the cops who shoot black males in the trial when they are tried to go to prison for hate racism or racial profiling crime.

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