Gearicen C. Oregon

College Tuition

College tuition is overly priced. Every year It increases by 5%. Colleges have more than enough money to give to students for scholarships. For the students with a 4.0 gpa, cant afford to go to school because of the fear of debt.

Dear future president,

This election has got me thinking about my future education. In about 2 and a half years I will be attending college. When I become a senior, I will be signing up for scholarships. As we all know education has a price to it, a very expensive price. In 2015, in-state tuition was about 10,000 dollars for public colleges per year and for private schools, the price is around 32,000 dollars per year. There isn't that much difference between public and private college. So why such a big difference in price? They provide the same education, and some of the degrees. Neither of those figures include books, food, or housing. The United States government has acknowledged the problem to some extent, and 34 percent of students receive federal aid, according to College Board. However, this is not enough to promote college as a viable option for all lower and middle class families.

Being out-of- state, the prices increases tremendously. Students take out student loans to pay for books, food, and dorms. This puts them in debt. That's a major fear for students graduating high school. That's why they don't want to attend college. Statistics show that Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. That not fair to the students that have a 4.0 gpa and can't afford to go to college. It should not be determined by how much money you and your family have. Colleges spend to much time and money on sport arenas. Basketball is my sport, but education is more important. For those athletes, they don't get payed, their education comes second. They get very behind in school.For those that are doing sports, they need to have some money. I'm not saying that they need to get payed like they're in the nba, but just some money for food, and books.

Every year, college tuition increases by 5 percent. Why do you need to increase tuition when you get enough money? All the money the money they get goes towards sport events and other activities when they have students interested in attending their school. They should use more money on scholarships for those that need it.

I think that college tuition needs to decrease. Bright and talented kids aren't going to college because of the worry of debt. No student should need to worry about loans. It would be good for america. There are a lot of jobs that require a college degree. If you want to be a marketing executive you will need one. Each month nearly 35,000 of these positions are posted online, while just 11,617 workers are hired for these roles. I want to be an electrical engineer but i would need a bachelor's. There is more than enough people to fill the spots. Soon, I will be going to college. I don't want to worry about loans and debt.

Sincerely, Gearicen Campbell 

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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