Elijah Minnesota

Police Racism

This letter talks about the problems with Police Racism.

Dear next President,

The police racism against the African American community is starting to get out of hand. You the President, need to address that the racism is bad and unacceptable. The police racism is not good towards the African American community because the police are killing innocent people who are following the rules the police give.

When I think about the police racism, I feel sad and mad because this is not what the police should be doing and it is getting them labeled as bad cops, there are bad cops, but not all cops are bad or racist, and kill African Americans. The facts Iā€™m about to give you right now are going to make you realize this is a situation that needs to be stopped. African Americans are getting killed at three times the rate of Caucasian or other minorities. African American constitute as 6% of the nation's population, account for 40% of 60 unarmed people who have been shot by the police. The 98% of the police officers of the events did get charged with the crime. It gets me mad when I see that only 98% of police officers are getting charged with the crime. They killed someone and the evidence is there. I do not understand why they are not guilty.

President of the United States, the racism is not good towards African American community because the police are killing innocent and people who are following the police orders. You need to address that this is a very serious problem in America and crack down on the police crimes. Make the police go through consequences from killing African Americans.



10th Grade

West St. Paul, Minnesota