Kelsi Landry

Equality for ALL

in the end, we are all human.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Equality doesn't mean that you have to like everyone. Equality doesn't mean that women are better than men, or the other way around. Equality means that everyone, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, or religion. It means that in the end, we are all human. When we die, all that will be left is our skeletons, which are identical to the skeletons of our brothers and sisters. If you look at a single skeleton of a HUMAN, you will not be able to determine their worth by their number of bones. Every human is worth the same, and every human deserves the same amount of respect. You should not categorize actions with a race or religion- crime doesn't only occur in people of one certain race or ethnicity or religion. Stop the dehumanization of blacks, Muslims, gays, and other human beings. We are all equal in this world and if we never find a way to make others see that, we will never have a world of peace and prosperity, not only in the United States but all over the globe.

I find it incredibly horrifying that after everything this country has been through, with women's rights, abolishing slavery, and our fellow Americans fighting wars on our behalf, we have another kind of war starting in our own country- another Civil War. This time, the government doesn't seem to want to do anything to help stop these problems, such as human trafficking, bullying and abuse of teens who are gay or transgender, and the constant gun violence and attacks on Americans by fellow Americans. I was terrified at the beginning of this year, and I still am, that our "great" country is going to crumble to pieces any minute and become one out of a fiction series. We do not need an episode of the Hunger Games. What we need is a strong leader who will not only do great things for the country but will also reunite the USA with the other countries around the world instead of fighting against them.

I believe that our nation's government should be doing more to stop the prejudice and discrimination that is prominent in our country, especially this year, towards more than half of the country's population. The constant turmoil in this country will only cause things to get worse, not better. Lives will be lost, families torn apart, but more importantly, the country will turn more against itself than it was in the 1860's during the Civil War. The only way we can try to stop this is by a leader coming up who accepts every single person from every gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, and sexuality. The only reason we should not be able to trust a specific person is if they prove to be unworthy of our trust. If an Islamic man who is a member of the group ISIS kills dozens of innocent people, that should not cause you to hate all Muslims. If a black man who is a member of a violent protest group for the Black Lives Matter movement kills a police officer, that should not cause you to hate all blacks. If a police officer kills a black man- shooting a man who was being arrested and reached for a gun, or whatever the reason may be- while doing his job, you should not feel the need to hate every police officer. This is the same for any scenario, any person, no matter the gender.

In today's world, every single person is faced with some type of conformed stereotype that they are expected to fit, or a stereotype that people look at them and, without knowing the person, assume they fit this stereotype. This goes for blacks and whites, men and women, gay and straight, Islamics and Catholics, Americans and Mexicans, young and old, and many, many more kinds of people. We live in a world of stereotypes and I believe we can change that if we simply have someone who is willing to do so. So please, PLEASE, do something.