fayth b. Oregon

Police Brutality

A solution to end it

To which ever President this may concern in 2017,

Police brutality has been a big issue and is affecting lives of people that have died. And is also affected lives of people that lost someone because of police brutality. In these situations, did you ever ask or wonder why the trigger was pulled? And the fact that a white police officer shot and killed an African American male, that happened multiple times.

There is a quote that says “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”I think this quote related to this situation because if a black person, to be more specific a black male, gets shot and killed by a white police officer one time… we are thinking that okay maybe it was an accident. And then another case comes, and to find out it is the same situation, a black male has been shot to death by a white police officer. So now we are wondering, why? And then, unfortunately, we find out that that is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s father. At this point, we realize that this is being done intentionally.

But why? Why is there still racism going on? What can we do as a community and/or as a nation to fix this? What do you plan on doing or changing when you become president that will help our people? Because we don’t feel safe now? We don’t know what to expect when our brothers or and a black person walking at any time of day, or even driving.

On this website called “The Australian Human Rights Commission,” I read an article, Racism. Stops With Me.It tells us ways that we can try and end racism. It says that if we are experiencing or see racism that we some say something instead if using physical action or abuse. Like saying, “what you just said was really offensive and rude,” or saying, “please have some respect for yourself and others.” This way we can spread the kindness and hatred.

There is more that one way that we can end racism. It’s also good to do some contemplation, and just think about what the world would look like if there was little to no crimes at all. Everyone getting along or finding healthy ways to resolve issues. Because if this doesn’t happen then racism and police brutality will just get worse by the day and it's hard to come back from something that's been happening for years. So the sooner racism can end the better it would be. I think that this would be good for the environment. If we just spread the kindness. Like MLK said, “ We cannot drive out hate with hate, only love can do that.” So as a community and a nation we can all come together and make an agreement to just be nicer to one another. And that way the love will spread and we all can live a happy life without having to worry about ourselves and others



Sincerely, Fayth