Lindsay D. Oregon

Letter to the Next President

Abortion is not the right decision.

Dear Future President,

As we can all agree murder is unacceptable, then we can all agree that abortion is unacceptable as well. Considering abortion is the legal allowance of ending a life of up to 20 weeks old, abortion is murder. As the pro-life stated, ”Any two people are equal, and any two people have equal rights.” It is nothing but unfair that a woman may choose if a person will live their life or be killed. Abortion does no one good, and death is never the answer, no matter the circumstance.

Due to financial reasoning, many women choose an abortion without even considering the other possible resolutions. Ending the life of a baby is not the answer.

Is a woman’s lifestyle more valuable than a baby’s whole life they have ahead of them? Many women who choose to have an abortion due to their personal dedication to work or schooling don’t think about the other alternatives. Daycare, youth programs, or even adoption are all possible options for a woman with a child. Each alternative allows the baby to live the life they deserve, as the mother may continue the busy path she plans to pursue rather than raise her child.

Many women choose to abort because they do not want to go through the pregnancy. Time is something to think about. Is the eternal death of a baby the answer, solely because a woman doesn’t want to spend nine months of her life carrying a child? There is a drastic difference between nine months and a lifetime.

Not only is abortion killing the unborn child, but it is putting the woman at risk as well. According to Congress, abortion ‘poses significant health risks’ to women. Many serious health complications have been a result of women having an abortion. Not only have health issues been a result, but even some abortions have resulted in a death of the woman.

Abortion will not solve anything. There is no justification strong enough to kill an unborn child. A variety of other safer, smarter alternatives are offered to our society, rather than killing an unborn child. Today, mother’s are given the options of child daycare, youth programs, and even adoption. The amount of alternatives given to our women today leave no excuse for the route of abortion.