Asli O. California

What's Life Without Racism?

Do you want to continued to be judged or treated unfairly because of your race?

Dear Future President,

Have you ever been treated differently because of your race? Racism is an important topic because people are getting killed or treated unequally because of their race and this shouldn’t be happening. We should take action so that we can live in a country where we should be treated equally and not fear of dying because of who we are. Many lives were affected negatively because they we treated with inequality. Racism should not be a problem in the U.S. especially if you want to feel or be safe.

“If African Americans and Hispanics were incarcerated at the same rate of white people, prison and jail population would go down by approximately 50%.” This piece of evidence, received from a different letter, is stating how African Americans and Hispanics are getting treated unfairly in the justice system. This is telling us that African Americans and Hispanics are getting longer sentences. Maybe they did a crime worse than them. Although a black football player raped an unconscious woman and received 15-25 years, but when a white swimmer did the same exact thing with visual evidence, he only got 6 months. This is unfair because people are getting longer sentences because they are different from others.

People are even afraid to call the police because they are killing innocent people because of their race. Did you know that youŕe twice as likely to be shot while your unarmed by a police officer, according to 41% unarmed African Americans have been killed by an officer this year. You shouldn’t be scared or fear the people who are supposed to be protecting you. stated that,“Black people are 4 times as likely to die in custody or while being arrested by whites”. This problem has caused many to fear and lost trust in the police. We need to take action so that people won't actually be afraid to call the police for the help.

We should do something to stop racism.I think that It’s unfair that people are getting treated differently because they don't look like your average person. It’s not only a one time thing, it occurs everywhere. Unfortunately racism does exist, but not only in your neighborhood or state, but everywhere.


Asli O.

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