Kerra Pennsylvania


It is not right for the government to make a decision for a woman who has the absolute right to choose for herself.

 Dear Future President,

How would you like to live in a world where the law you decided what you were allowed to do with your body? A world where other people's opinions would determine what you were aloud to do with your own body. I know for a fact that I, and many, many, other people would like to choose what they want for themselves. This leads me to the topic of abortion. Why should you make abortion illegal just because you think it is wrong? It is not right to make a decision for a woman who has the constitutional right of choosing for herself. Mr. or Mrs. future President, please keep abortion totally accessible and legal.

Now, nothing personal about this issue has ever happened to me, but I know for a fact that if I ever wanted to have an abortion, I would definitely want the option. Abortion may seem unfair, but what is even more unfair is making a woman who could have been raped, keep a child for the rest of her life. Making it so every time she looks at her child he or she is a constant reminder of the event. And now you may say, well, why can’t she just put the child up for adoption? Well, to do this, the woman would still obviously have to give birth to the child, and this comes with many risks. The sixth to seventh most common reason of death between 15-24 year olds, is when the woman is giving birth (complications during pregnancy). This is interesting because that age is the most common for abortions. Alternatively, there are only 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions, making it a safe procedure. So why make a woman risk her life over a child she might not even want? Also, according to NARAL’s website, the fetus can only feel pain after 25-30 weeks, and only 1.3% of abortions are done after that many weeks. This statement is proving that the majority of abortions don’t cause the baby any suffering.

Many people argue saying that there should be certain regulations and rules about abortion. They say things like, if a woman was raped they should have the option of abortion, but there is no way to tell if what they are saying is the truth. So even with that, it still comes down to being that individual's own choice. I also think it is wrong how a man can just walk out on a mother and child just as easy as walking is, but the woman is stuck with the child. And then she should be punished for wanting to have the same option the male does? Many women aren't financially stable enough to raise a child, especially by themselves. Forcing a woman to keep her child and raise him or her could be giving the child a worse life. Not being able to provide for the child is something no woman should be forced into doing. And many people will again say, give it up for adoption. But, not only could the child be adopted into another unstable or unhappy family, but they could always feel like they weren't wanted. This might happen if the child wasn’t ever adopted, potentially giving it a very tough life.

Please, Mr. or Mrs. Future President, keep abortion 100% safe and legal. Women all over the world resort to abortion for their own reasons. So why should you make it more difficult for a women to have an abortion? You may not agree with their reasoning, but that doesn’t matter because they have the right of making their own choices with their own body. By making it harder for a woman to access abortion, they will find other ways to do so, more dangerous ways. So if you can’t trust someone with a choice, how can you trust them with a child?

Thank you for your time,

Kerra H., Pennsylvania

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