Alissa D. Wisconsin


Dear Future President, Abortion a world-wide argument. With different opinions and views. Many pros and cons, many agrements and disagrements, here are my views about the world-wide controversy, abortion

Many Americans have a very big opinion on how abortion is right or wrong. 

The public's attitudes on the morality of abortion reflect a recent split. 50% of Americans called abortion morally wrong. 39% called abortion morally acceptable, contrast with a sight more conservative stance seen in most years from 2002-2014. Over the same period, Americans perceptions of themselves as either "pro-choice" or "pro-life" in their abortion views have bounced around. Americans fundamental views about the legality of abortion has been broadly steady. 29% saying abortion should be legal in all circumstances, 19% saying it  should be illegal in all circumstances, the other 13% say it should be legal in most circumstances or are unsure.

The Woman Had a desition on whether they wanted an abortion or not and how many people think that it is either important or not. 

When asked directly about the legality of abortion, 56% of U.S adults say it should be legal in all most cases. Compared with 41% who say it should be illegal. Roe v. Wade was a decision about abortion, among adults 30 years old, only 44% know. Younger adults also are less likely to view abortion as an important issue. 62% of Americans ages 18 to 29 say it is "not that important", while 53% of adults overall say this. 

Other Countries Express  their opinions, beliefs, and laws about abortion. 

A majority of American (56%) express the opinion that abortion should be legal on all or most cases. While 43% say it should be illegal in all or most cases. In Europe, where about three-quarters of countries allow abortion for any reason (73%). France, Germany, Greece and Russia are among the 32 European nations where this is the case. 

Now that is my view, what is yours? What will you do to stop or legalize abortion?