Gracie W. Wisconsin

End Abortion

Dear Next President,

Abortion has been a debating argument for awhile now. People think that abortion is okay, but there are other options that are much better than killing an innocent human.  If you don't wish to keep the child, then you could either foster the child, or you can put the child up for adoption. Both of these alternatives are a much better decision than killing a child that didn't ask to be born, or even made. A study has shown that there are 1.5 million women in the US that cannot have babies because the are infertile. These women can only wish to have a kid. So why kill your child when another woman would gladly take you position? 

Fostering is one of the two options. Fostering can sometimes be confused with adoption. Fostering isn't giving your child to another family, and that family is the child's legal guardian until they are 18. Fostering is giving your child to another family, and that family cares for your child until you are stable to have your child with you again. So, if you weren't planning on having a child yet, but you want to have a child in the future, and you unexpectedly pregnant, you don't have to get an abortion. Instead you can foster your child to another family until you are ready, and the government allows you to have your kid live with you. 

Adopting is another option. Adopting is a good thing in my opinion, and I have personal experience with it. My mom was adopted when she was a baby, because her parents weren't ready to have a child. I do think that the adoption not only impacted my mom's life, but it also affected mine too. My grandma and grandpa made my mom's life amazing. Without them I wouldn't even be here today. About 6 years ago my mom, my sisters, and I were at a park and my mom got a phone call. I was on the swings right next to her, and after the phone call my mom told me that she had found her birth parents. To this day we are still close with her birth family, but we haven't lost any relationships with my grandparents and the rest of my mom's "adoption" family. If adoption wasn't possible, then my mom most likely wouldn't be alive. Since it is available I think that people should use these opportunities. I have done research, and I found that in 2007 there were 136,000 children put up for adoption. That does seem like a lot of kids, but in 2007 there was also about 827,000 abortions. If people start to realize that adoptions can save a child's life, then maybe we will have a lower abortion rate. There is a program called The 40 Days for Life. They are working towards ending abortion. According to their website they have saved 12,371 lives. This program is one of many. If we can get more people involved than millions of lives can be saved. 

Finally, some people may argue that if a woman is raped then she shouldn't have to keep the child. I do partially agree with that. If the case is declared a rape, then the woman should have a choice. In an article states that in the US there are 15 states that do not have a law that doesn't allow the rapist to have contact with their child. I think that is one of the biggest fears with the rape victim. They never want to face their attacker again. So, if we get those 15 states to make a law that the rapist doesn't get any contact with their child, than women will be more willing to not get an abortion. 

All of this is just touching the surface of all the abortions issues we have in the US. If we want to be saving lives, then we have to make end open abortions. 


                                                                            Gracie Weston 

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