Andrew Pennsylvania

Protect the Children

Child abuse is a major issue.

Dear Next President,

I feel that child abuse is a really big problem in our country and other countries as well. It has been a problem for a while and has not been fixed that well. It is not right to have children get hurt because other adults are angry at them or at themselves. I feel that it should be fixed so that no children anywhere have to go through getting beat just because someone is angry and has no other way to get their anger out except for on their own children.

Child abuse is a problem that can be ended if you, the President, and the government, help law enforcement crackdown on the people who do this to their kids. More than four children die from child abuse and neglect everyday. Seventy percent of those kids are under the age of 3. Everyone needs to see that this problem is only going to grow, and, when it does, it will be too late.

I would like you to be the voice for children who are affected by this problem. I think you should stand up and say that this is not okay and that beating and abusing children is illegal and should be stopped. This problem is only going to get bigger if we don't try to put a stop to it now.

Just think if you were one of those kids and you were getting abused, how would feel if no one was there on your side to fight and help you through? With your power, we can strive to make a change not only for America, but for children in America as well.


Andrew, Pennsylvania