Shadeed B. Pennsylvania

Police Brutality

Police Brutality

September 26, 2016

Dear Next President,

Imagine if you were arrested for no reason. How would you feel? Police are killing African Americans for no reason. Police are killing unarmed African Americans everyday. It always go viral when an African American is shot & killed by a cop or being arrested for doing the most unharmful thing you can think of. So next president I want you to fire police instead of suspending them.

Police brutality has a long history in America I believe it might be more police shootings & brutality that ain’t been reported. Police brutality been around since back in the days it did not go nowhere but it didn’t get this serious to where kids are being shot by police. “In the half of 2016, police have killed 532 people. Many of them were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color.” ( ). The U.S. is known for police shootings & brutality. No other state go through the pain the U.S. deal with. African Americans are being affected, kids, ill people, & unarmed. It’s upsetting African Americans not on them but the entire U.S. . They’re not liking what they hearing or seeing on their TV. It’s hard for African Americans to walk around having to worry about the police. It affect home owners. Police breaking in without a warrant to search their homes.

Police get suspended when they don’t follow the law. Make police wear cameras for now on. It seems like the police have hatred for African Americans & that’s scary. Fire every cop that does wrong and don’t have a right reason. Think about all the innocents that done lost their lives by a police gun. They should feel safe by the police not frightened.


Shadeed Booker