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The Bible says, "Beat them; they won't die. "

What effect do government agencies have on children when they are abused?

                                                                                                                                November 4, 2016

 Dear Madam President,

 My dad voted for you, congratulations. I am a freshman in high school, very interested in our country's future. I completely agree that yes, America is great, but I am still concerned. I am very worried of what’s for the safety of children across the nation. Please take your time in reading my letter very carefully.

Are government agencies preventing child abuse? Maybe not, gathering victims may lead to another problem. Many children have been abused for a long period of time (still continuing) with no interference from anyone. According to Mark Ellis (author of the article 'Victims of bullying most likely to become bullies themselves.') “24% of those who have been bullied go on to bully.” Therefore, combining children that have been through abuse, can take it towards someone else of how frustrated they are. Joining 2 or more victims together may show their anger toward each other. Thinking this way, gathering the “bad” kids in a section are more likely to create a bigger problem. In other words, the abuser (in most cases) abuse because they want power. Children, who have been abused, mistreat others for the strength.

Frightened, Tommy faces fear near the end. His story…history is repeated again and again. They hit him once, twice with no self-defense. They take his breath with no regret. “STOP PLEASE, I’ve had enough!”, he repeats in his mind. He gets hit for the simplest mistakes, over and over again. Building up the courage he tells them to stop, but don’t comprehend. He can’t find the words, as if they’ve taken that as well.

Thank you for taking your time reading this letter.



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