Trey H. Montana

War on Drugs?

This letter is about, how a change with drug laws may help our country.

Trey H

17 years old, Senior year

Billings, MT

November 2  2016

Dear President of the United States,

Prisons in many states are overflowing from crimes that would follow under the “War on Drugs”. People are going to jail for the possession of drugs such as Marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. This may seem like a good thing, but instead of helping our nation become strong. It is slowing our progress and wasting resources. The United States citizen tax dollar is being spent on police for patrolling and finding those who have these drugs, or even the intent to sell them. After a person is put in jail, they no longer become a productive member of society.

The people that end up in prison from crimes, for possession of drugs are not in any way helping society with moving forward towards the American Dream. This makes hard working Americans spend their tax money on people in prisons. Tax money spent on such things, are being wasted on prison staff that would not be needed in the prisons. The money could be put into crime sections that deal with theft, robbery, and aggravated assault.

To help stop crimes like those that I listed, We could put more police in the community, and pay them better so they are less likely to look away from the crime. They may also add more members to the force , so they can create a safer larger web to stop criminals. Prisons would not be filled up to the max on small crimes. We as a people would not waste money on a crime that has proven to not be hurtful to other countries. Dear President, may you try and push for a ridiculously high tax on drugs. This could create a high revenue off of something a person may become addicted to.

With fewer small harm crimes in the nation, that only harm us because we don’t accept the item. So it isn’t a drug you can tax the selling of. That not only makes the product illegal, but fills prisons and stops progress of our nation. Full prisons cost a lot of money on food and staff. Finding a way to change the nation, and help us prosper will help you go down in history as a good President. The money wasted on people can be put towards good use, and brightening our future as a people. The nation needs to change or it will fall and everyone will be watching. Our students test as some of the worst in the first world countries. Many things can be helped with the spending of tax money properly. I have only given you a few ideas. What will you choose to do?


Trey H

Billings Public Library

TA - Billings, MT

TA - Billings, MT

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