Tristan P. Missouri

The War on Drugs.

The war on drugs - A failure still funded.

Dear future president,

The war on drugs is a massive failure and attempt by the United States Government to combat and issue that only leads to more problems including increased illegal immigration and mass incarceration. It has also lead to political destabilization along with the spending of millions of dollars that could've been used for something more productive such as education or for effective means of fighting drug use. Instead of spending money and time destroying sources, capturing dealers and capturing the otherwise-law abiding citizens we should focus on opening care centers for the addicted and making the drugs cheaper and legal to deprive the dealers of their business. When the supply is decreased and the demand is increased the price increases. With normal products this would lead to less buys, however with drugs people will buy them regardless of price due to the pure power of their addiction. If we followed through with a 'help those in need' ideology we could supply hospitalization and integration into society for the addicted. This way they can recover and become useful, contributing and law abiding citizens of the United States once more.

Sincerely, Tristan P.