Daniel S. California


We need to help out wild life because if we don't we may never see them again.

October 27,2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter  I believe that we should all help the wildlife, because most of their habitats are getting destroyed like Giant Panda there are only 1,900 left all because they have their homes destroyed, soon if we all keep on doing this their are going to be 0 left.

Do you live in a home did you know it was once a home a wildlife. Some people are destroying homes of others wildlife so where you are reading it i might be some

Once a wildlife home i think, they destroyed their habitats because they needed space to build and this is why we need to build small shelters for the wildlife.

We should all help tell other people about the wildlife and how they are going extinct because the number of population is going down fast so this is why we need to help i know i said it a lot but it is a good thing because you will know to spread the word tell everyone you know could help out.If you like going outside you might want to read this because all of the wildlife helps the world out in some ways.       


Daniel Salazar

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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