nevaeh California


how we should and help immigrants and how they deserve a better life

Dear Future President,

I believe that immigration is an issue .I think that we should really keep an eye out for immigrants because they are struggling a lot and instead of building a wall or deporting them back I think that we should help them get a job,give them a home, and help out their children. because there are 11 million illegal immigrants and that is way too many to just ignore.This has been a problem for a while and still now.

A lot of times they only come here because a better life for their children and them. They can get a better education and I think we should give them that.They need a job so they can live and feed their children.I also feel that if we build a wall it wonโ€™t fix anything it will make it worse by making others angry. You guys are focused on how identity theft and all this bad stuff happened when not all of them do that stuff but i think you should focus on the positive.

In conclusion immigration has been a problem for a very long time and i think that we should stop deporting them and help immigrants be able to have a better life and their children a better education since immigrants work really hard here in this country than more Americans do .Finally I hope you make a difference to help those immigrants who are need for a better life.


Nevaeh Carrillo

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

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