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animal abuse

My letter is about animals getting hurt and killed every day

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to address a concern that I have regarding that animals are getting killed or hurt . I believe that animal abuse is is important because animals are getting killed every 5 days . Mr. President, it is important for you to address this issue. By addressing this issue, we will be able to stop this by making sure that animals go to the right animal care so they are ok and not hurt.

Mr. President this affects hundreds of animals every year number of individuals in the United States. According to people animals are dying every year by animal abuse ,“that is why i'm writing this letter ” It is essential that we do address animal abuse because if we don't animals will die, because if we don’t, then we will die the only reason we live is because of animals

Mr. President some of the ways that we can address/solve this are we can stop people from doing this,and save the animal. These solutions will help because the animals will live and us too .that is how we stop animal abuse is an important issue that needs to be resolved immediately. By addressing this issue we will be able to stop this because the animals are good and we are good . Mr. President, thank you for addressing this i'm glad you did if you didn't i would be sad in America.

Sincerely angel,herrera  

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