Katie G.

The Global Issue

Global Warming is an issue that we can't avoid; but exactly what is global warming and how bad is it?

Mr. President,

As I look out into the world today, I see many things; most of it are people doing their own thing in this world. What I hear about on the other hand is different. I hear about animals losing their habitats, I hear about how natural disasters and how many people die from them, I hear about the hot weather during winter. All these are effects from the one and only Global Warming, or the rising of global temperature each year. Here’s the question though: How bad IS global warming?

Consider this: the rising sea levels can be and are a threat to coastal communities; high tides and storms, increased erosion, even ground-level supplies are threatened by the rising sea level. There has also been a decline in drinking water, thanks to sewers overflowing, less water from snowpacks coming from mountains, and saltwater intrusions into groundwater supplies. Of course it doesn’t help that the U.S has caused already 27% of carbon dioxide emissions, the most in the world in total. Here’s something simple: Carbon Dioxide helps with global warming. Global warming causes sea levels to rise; and where does carbon dioxide mostly come from? Mostly fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc).

If that’s not bad enough, think of how that affects both us and the environment. Extreme heat leads to both animals, plants, and people being affected. Animals and plants have to deal with forced migrations and extinctions, life-cycles going out of whack, the changing woodlands, and an increase in agricultural pests, which people have to deal with as well. People also have to deal with extreme heat; which could turn deadly in at any minute, allergens, and natural disasters. All of which are caused by the rising temperatures. Not only that but it can also affect the economy. Damage to property, mass migration, security threats, less tourism and power outages.

So Mr. President, I want you to consider this: even if global warming could not be stopped, the least we could do is slow it down and consider what it does to us and the environment. The least you could do is address this issue and introducing new ways to get energy; such as renewable energy or even nuclear. That is all I am asking from you.

Thank you,