Jobs for Youth

Kids these days are in need of money and experience with real world interactions. Nothing can help more than jobs for teenagers.

Dear Mr.President,

My name is Dillon Broderick, I'm 14 years old, and I want to make as much money as I can. I have been persistently pestering my parents about getting a job, but always the same response, "No, you're too young to have a real job.", "No one wants to hire a kid." But, I disagree. I'm ready for a job, but it's true no one does want to hire kids, and that makes it tough for kids like me who want to experience life.

The legal age for work in the US is 14, but many companies do not even consider hiring someone my age. A law should be ratified that insures certain companies must have open employment slots prioritizing teenagers. Not necessarily big roles, as in executives, or managers, but simple responsibilities like cleaning tables in a restaurant, being a bellhop at a hotel, or even a waiter at a food chain. Every kid would be interviewed like everyone else, and respected just as an adult would. If the company can not find a kid who wants the job, then open it up to adults. Opening up jobs for kids will give us access to money, the jobs can help us pay our parent's expenses, and even prepare us for real life. It will create a generation destined for success. I want work for the youth.

In the year of 1990, around 32% of high-schoolers had jobs. Although, in 2012, the percentage of high-schoolers who had jobs plummeted to 16%. This shows that as time goes on, it is harder and harder for kids to get jobs. Not only has the number of jobs in high-schoolers dropped, college students have gone from 52% employment in 2000, to 40% now. As of 2014, the employment percentage of teens has jumped to 18%, but that’s still not enough to breed a generation of success

Only benefits could come from allowing children to have vocations. Such as kids getting their hands on cash. Everyone can remember when they wanted that one awesome video game, but their parents couldn't pay for it. If kids get jobs, they can pay for their own longings, and know that they earned it. Also, jobs for kids would especially benefit low income families because they would help bring more money into the household, teaching the kid responsibility, and helping the family pass by. Furthermore, kids can move their money into a college fund, setting them up for a stronger education. Therefore, allowing kids to have jobs teaches them responsibility and enables them to help support the family.

Furthermore, professions for our youth would give us real life experience, which is the most important part of jobs for kids. Teaching the young generation responsibility is important. Exposing them to real life work will teach them interactions with others, and adult like responsibilities. Personally, I have no idea how paychecks, checking books, etc work, but jobs for kids would expose us to all of these subjects, and prepare the children for the burdens of adulthood. This would allow them to thrive and succeed for their years to come.

Why not try? The only harm to jobs for kids is a bad job done. What’s the solution? Easy, just fire them, and hire someone else, like anyone else would do with another adult. The pros blatantly outweigh the cons in this situation. Would you rather have inexperienced kids with no idea how to handle real life experiences go into the real world? Or have prepared, well minded youth, pioneering the next generation. There’s an obvious choice in front of us, explore the territory of jobs for kids.

Mr.President, do not pass up on this grand opportunity. It is up to you to make America great again. Everyone is able to see the obvious opening the US has right now. There’s no point in waiting. Now is the time to instate vocations for our youth, to improve the economy, and to prepare the children to be the generation of success and innovation. All that has to be done is reserve low-grade jobs for kids, and watch the all the wonders come into place.