Kayleigh W Montana

Foster care or unfair?

The foster care system is long out dated and is due for an upgrade. Privatization has potential but needs authority and aging out is unfair for the foster child.

October 19, 2016

Dear president,

The issue I want to bring to your attention seems to be avoided and hushed in many ways. I even feel as if I am forced to dig way to hard for the answers to the questions that I have. The Foster care system is ignored and pushed to the side just like the children within the system are. There needs to be a more suitable way to place children in homes, and keep them in one home instead of tossing them around like a garbage sack on its way to the dump. In my opinion private organizations should not exist either, or at least have regulations set in place like state foster care does.

Yes, Privatized agencies are great for quick and easy placements and adoptions, but evidence shows that most do not care about the child's well-being. According to the National Infertility & Adoption children get placed very quickly, without trying to reconnect them with their parents or close family members, and they mostly work with children that are “easier to place”. Plus the fact that they get paid for every child they place suggests that some agencies might not care where they place them. I use the word might because there is no website or database that will tell you this is for sure happening, because like I said it is hushed. I, myself could only find stories of victims and statements implying that a child got placed in an inappropriate home. A few stories is not enough to persuade you or the general public.

Another issue with foster care I would like to point out is how unhealthy it is for kids to be moved from home to home, and how aging out is unfair. And according to Children's action network, every year about 20,000 foster kids age out in the U.S. which many of them still need services and financial help making them subject to adverse ways to provide for themselves. All of this creates a different, dark, and unhealthy view of the world. Not being able to provide a stable life can seriously impair a child’s social health and aging out is unreasonable. A child should not have to suffer because their parents are bad people or made bad choices.

A way to change some of these things would be to set more strict regulations on the Foster Care System and have a government official make sure these guidelines are being met. The privatized agencies still would not need the government funding, they would only be monitored by the government. This would even provide another job for U.S citizens, how many, I don’t know that would be up to you. As for aging out, there should be an organization set in place that helps foster kids get a good job and help with schooling like acquiring a GED or getting into the right college, this organization could work with local businesses and colleges to give these kids a chance like everyone else. This organization would of course be paid for by donations or tax dollars.


Kayleigh J W

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