Vitalik K. Montana


Immigration in the United States is in need of change.

Dear Next President,

Immigration in the United States is in need of reform. Every immigrant comes into the United States looking for a better life than they had in their country. That's a good thing if they actually came into this country legally and are good people that want to be here. Over the past years, America has been struggling to keep those people out, but we don't do to good of a job. When they do get in, most of the time, they don’t get deported. There have been many problems with legal immigration as well. Terrorism has occurred because some of the immigrants that come in want to hurt this country. We need to starts controlling the people who are able to enter the US. When they apply for a green card they need to go through many background checks and more security then they do right now.

There have been about 11.3 million illegal immigrants that have come into the United States. To make things even worse it’s estimated that 8 million of those immigrants are actually in the workforce. There are about 22 million Americans that don't have a job. We need to control the people getting hired. If they aren't citizens, they shouldn't have a job here because there are many Americans that aren't able to get a job. They need to be sent back to their country and if they want to come back, they need to apply for a green card and go through the same amount of work that the others go through.

Legal Immigration is both a good thing and a bad thing. Some of the most intelligent people come from other countries and they bring their skills with them. It also expands the diversity and expands the culture of the country. One of the most important reasons that it’s good is that people that are struggling in their country can come to the US and make a brand new life for themselves that's much better than the one they had in their country. Most of the people that come in legally are actual hard working people and want to come to US, but every once in a while some people that get in want to hurt the country. The more immigrants that come in means the more terrorism, drug dealers, and other criminals that enter.

As I said before, immigration is mostly a good thing for America if it’s done right. We need to get more serious about it though and make sure that the people that come in are legal and want to actually be here. The United States needs to starts deporting more people back to their country if they aren't legal. We don't need more illegal immigrants coming into the US then we already have here, and legal immigration needs to be controlled a little bit more as well.