Kalee M. Montana

Hidden in the Light

Victims of abuse, whether physically or verbally, need to be heard.

October 19, 2016

Dear Future President,

Throughout your life I am sure you have heard of, seen, or even experienced abuse. It still hurts whether it be through words or actions. Personally, I come from a great family, but my adopted sister did not have that luxury. She has been from parent, to parent, to other family members over her life of the past 16 years before she got adopted by my family. A year before her adoption she had lived with us as a friend. I’ve known her since 10th grade and I am now in 12th. So is she.

Her life was a cyclone before I became her friend. She lived in fear that she would be sent back to her drunken aunt, where she was verbally and physically abused daily, from her cousin's house. Her cousin, although she didn’t physically abuse her, she did cut her self esteem down everyday, took her money, and made her pay the bills at age 15. This life she had in her cousin's house was still better than her aunt's house.

Before her aunt, she lived with her alcoholic dad. He was no better than her aunt. He brought girl after girl into his house and strange men often times came over. He didn’t give her the basic needs such as keeping the home a safe place, having enough food in the house, and providing love and affection. Her dad ended up in jail and then disappeared around her age of 7. She is now 17.

Although her mother was only in her life for about 3 years, she was still abused. She once left her in the stroller, at age three, on the sidewalk and never came back. Her mom was later found in a nursing home a few years back unable to think properly and could barely take care of herself.

My sister, who was not only my sister but my best friends, now has OCD, severe depression, PTSD, anxiety and much more problems. She lived through the abuse, but was never justified.

This is just one story out of millions of people's stories of abuse, but does everyone get justice for the actions other have caused? No, they don’t.

I know this nation can get rid of most abuse or justify the victims of abuse. I need your help though. People need to be aware of the symptoms of a victim's. Bruises, depression, gaining or losing a lot of weight, self harm marks, bursts of anger, violence, and many more.

Laws should be more strict about abuse. And all victims should have a safe place to land. Therapy should be cheaper or free for the victims of verbal and physical abuse. Abuse can be stopped. Thank you for your time future President.


Kalee M.

Billings Public Library

TE - Billings, MT

TE - Billings, MT

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