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Cost of colleges

If students want to go to any colleges after high school and they don't have enough money to pay for their classes, I think the president should give free college classes or help them get scholarships.

                                                                                                                                                              Elisa Juan

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 Dear President Obama, 

    Hi president Obama this is Elisa Juan. I would like to talk to you about college classes. I think you should help student to get scholarship or give them free college classes, give them an opportunity to make their goal or their dream in real to get a career. Because their is a lot of student's family that don't have enough money to help their students to pay their college. I'd seen students working hard for paying their classes, do not have an ability to get scholarship or some one to help them. I'd also seen student that aren't going to college because they think that don't have an ability to keep studying or getting a career 'cause their family does not support them with their education. However, education it's the most important in you life because It'll help you in your future, it'll get you a better future in your life.

            Thank you Mr. president I hope you'll help us with some scholarship or free college classes. I hope to excuse my mistakes and thank you very much for your time for reading this letter. i appreciate it . Again thank you and have a lovely day.


       Elisa Juan  

San Marcos High School

American Government

Period 4 American Government

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