Ryan Pennsylvania

Business moving overseas.

Business moving to China is killing American jobs.

          November 1 2016

Dear President,

Foreign imports are bad for this country because it makes it harder for Americans to find jobs and harder for American small businesses and companies to compete on American soil. The big corporations that are moving their companies over to China are making products cheaper in price and quality. The American Dream is built on people owning small businesses. We can not achieve that dream if China puts families owning small businesses out of jobs, and makes it harder to create small businesses in America. A tariff should be imposed on all imported goods to keep families like my own able to compete in the American marketplace.

When a company moves overseas it puts employees that were working in the factory, out of a job. 31% of the workers that were cut , weren't reemployed. The unemployment rate is at 5%, and we can bring that down if we put a tariff on foreign products. A tariff on foreign products would make it more costly to import, and less enticing for American companies to move overseas. Although 36% of the people who were cut found jobs that matched or increased earnings, 55% were working for 85% of what they made in their previous job. 25% of the workers that got laid off, took pay cuts of 30% or more.

Next, 50% of all business that go offshore, come back because they didn't meet the expected cost savings. The corporations that go over expect to save 70%, but only save 20%. This is another major reason to keep business in America. Since 2000, the U.S. Has lots 5 million manufacturing jobs. That means that 5 million people lost jobs because of offshoring. These are just more reasons for businesses to stay in America.

In order to solve this problem, we need to leave China and re-establish factories here in the U.S. If we don't solve this problem, then the unemployment rate will be extremely high. We also need to create more jobs in America so we can achieve full employment in America, and help small businesses to thrive in the economy. Labor and materials are so much cheaper in places overseas that American small business cannot compete with the cheap goods flooding American markets

In conclusion, a tariff should be imposed on all imported goods to encourage big companies to bring jobs back to America. Right now there is only a tariff on imported steel, but there should be a tariff on all imported goods, to strengthen the American economy, and save American jobs.


Ryan Monaghan