Corinne Wagner California

Ban the Death Penalty

Let people who commit crimes bad enough to deserve the death penalty sit in a jail cell the rest of their lives thinking about what they did and not be able to escape their conscience as easily as the death penalty.


Dear Next President,

My name is Corinne Wagner and I attend San Marino High School. I would like to share my opinion about the death penalty. I think that the death penalty should be banned through out America because the people who commit awful crimes worthy enough to have their life ended, should rot in a prison cell. People who commit such heinous crimes, should have to go through the misery of sitting in a small cell for the rest of their lives thinking about what they did. The death penalty is an easy way out of having to think of what they did, and yes their life is being taken away from them, but sitting in a cell for the rest of their life is much more painful. They don't get to interact with many other people outside the prison, they are reminded of what they did everyday because they are in prison, and they don't get to have all the privileges they had before they were in prison. 

On top of all of that the death penalty is expensive! In 1978 the death penalty law was reinstated in California and since then tax payers have paid over 308 billion dollars just for the 13 executions. If tax payers are paying for the death penalty, but more than half of them don't support it, then how is that fair to them? The death penalty is an awful way to have someone be punished, because if murder is illegal then it doesn't make sense to lethally inject someone with drugs and have their life ended. It should be a form of murder and the people who do it should be put in prison. Even though the people who committed those crimes should be punished, it's not only unfair to them, but it is also unmoral. Only 19 states in America allow this, so if only about 38% of the country allows it, then there is clearly something wrong with it. 

I feel that my reasons for having the death penalty banned are strong and valid. The death penalty is immoral and just wrong; I clearly feel very strong about this topic, so I hope reading this impacted you in a way to where you consider siding with me and making the death penalty illegal across the country.


Corinne Wagner
3rd Period
U.S. Government

San Marino High School

Period 2-3; US Government

San Marino High School, class of 2017.

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