Clayton S. Michigan

Illegal Immigration

We need to stop illegal immigration.

Dear President,

Illegal immigration is a very big problem. Did you know that 3.5% of the USA’s population is illegal immigrants? It might seem like a small number, but in reality it is a lot of people, 11.1 million people! This problem needs to be stopped now and fast.

52% of illegal immigration comes from Mexico. In other words, 5.8 million illegal Mexicans came across the border. Illegal immigrants from Asia, Central America, Africa and other countries have gone up since 2009 from 325,000 to 5.3 million! These are more reasons why we need to stop illegal immigration.

My idea to slow down and potentially stop illegal immigration is simple, E-Verify. It is a system that every business will have to use. When you apply for a job, you have to show them your birth certificate and fill out a form on your basic history. This will stop illegal immigrants because they won’t be able to do what it asks. Another way to stop it is to round up people who overstay their work visas and force them out, and strip them of the ability to get another visa after they have been sent out. These are simple tools that we have today, but need to be mandatory.

President, illegal immigration needs to be stopped. 4% of the USA is illegal immigrants. 52% of them are coming over from Mexico. Other illegal immigrants make up 5.3 million people and is still growing. E-Verify and new rules on overstaying work visas is my solution to stop illegal immigration. Mr. President, you need to enforce E-Verify and work visas. Thank you for reading my thoughts on illegal immigration.



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