Lydia W. Missouri

Immigration In The United States

I think immigration in the United States is not a good thing right now, because our people need to be cared for first.

                                                                                                                              October 26, 2016

Dear Future President, 

                           Immigration, in my opinion, is a big problem, because the United States should take care of their own people first, then care for others.    

                           When immigrants come over to the United States they adapt to our way of life, which means there are new laws to follow and rules to abide by. I read an article with the title "The Atlantic Americas Immigration Challenge." In the article there were a few things that stuck out to me, but one in particular caught my attention. The article stated, "A Chinese immigrant in New York, Dong Lu Chen, bludgeoned his wife to death with a claw hammer because she was having an affair..." Yes, that is awful, but what really caught my attention is this, "Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Edward Pincus let Chen off with probation -for murder- after an anthropologist testified that in Chinese culture, the shame of a man being cuckolded justified murder..." Letting Chen off the hook like that is unfair to all of the other people in the United States. If immigrants want to live here, then they should get the same punishment as all the other citizens do.

                            In the same article I read this , "Its a smart move to bring older immigrants well past their productive years, so we can start paying out social security right away." This statement is obviously sarcasm, but it is unfair for older immigrants, or any immigrants for that matter, to come here and expect a free ride. They should get jobs and pay social security, just like everyone else does. All of the American people should be taken care of first, because many of them work very hard to get what they receive. After that then the immigrants can get help. 

                            I know many immigrants are in the United States and or are wanting to come over here. Many immigrants that come here left their own countries because the conditions were getting to be unbearable. Lots of places are constantly at war, and have lots of terrorism, so people move here to get away from all of that. Also in "The Atlantic Americas Immigration Challenge" I read a sentence, which states, "We also have to remember that many of these refugees are victims of terrorism themselves -thats what they're fleeing from." This may be true, but since many of the immigrants have grown up around war and terrorism, they know how to use it against the United States, in order to get what they want. Now, I am not saying all immigrants are bad, but the government still needs to be careful.

                            I just feel as if immigration isn't a good thing right now for the United States; the government needs to take care of everything here in our country and help our people before helping others. That seems to make a bit more sense and seem more logical to me. There are problems in the United States that need to be taken care of first, because taking care of our country is more important. 


                                                                                                                                             Lydia W.                            

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