Gabriela S. California

Immigration vs. Presidential Candidates

What do you believe Future President?

     Dear Future President,

Hello I am a student who believes that we should have equal rights even if there immigrants. I also believe that you should let the immigrants who are already here stay in California because they should deserve to have their family together. If you don't think they should have a family like yours then what is the point of you being the President of the United States? I also know that before we were all born the people who found America were all immigrants and from not from America.

I also believe that if you want to make America great again, you should not be rude to the immigrants and have the immigrants get out of there country because of their race and because they don't look like Americans. Because of this people are fighting with each other because of the this talk future president.  I believe that Hillary Clinton should be president because, she does not want to build a wall or make the immigrants that are already here leave from this country.

There is also the racist people that write rude comments. I don't like  how Donald trump said that every one that does not like him are thugs and gangsters. I believe that these things are happening because of the people who don't want Donald Trump to be president because, of the stuff he said in the past. I also believe that immigrants should have the same rights as the Americans because they are no different than the Americans.


Gabriela S.\\\\

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