Olivia Kentucky

Immigration in the U.S.

My letter is focused on the issue of immigration in the U.S. and how I think that you should address this issue.

    Dear President, 

 I understand that you and your opponent had different opinions on immigration in the U.S. One of you wants to build a wall across the border of the U.S. and Mexico, and one of you wants to let immigrants stay in the U.S. as long as they are working in the U.S. and doing no harm. I am here to tell you my opinion on how you should deal with this issue. I think that the smartest way to deal with this issue is to let immigrants stay in the U.S. as long as they are doing no harm, and are working in the U.S. Our country should be diverse and equal in my opinion. 

  My first reason to support my opinion for this issue, is the idea that if immigrants are doing no harm and working in the U.S., why ban them from living here? They are doing absolutely nothing to harm us and they are helping the U.S. economy grow. All they need is somewhere to live where they can have rights and freedoms. A lot of the people who immigrate to the U.S. are coming here from countries such as Syria where there is war all the time and hardly any rights and freedoms. They often come here with none of their belongings except for the clothes on their back, and many die trying to get here. I think we should at least help them out by letting them stay in the U.S. because we don't know what all each and every one of them has been through.

  My second reason to support my opinion for this issue, is the idea that if you want to ban people from different countries, why not ban us too? We were not originally from the U.S. either; our ancestors immigrated here. The Native Americans were the people originally from the U.S., so we are all immigrants too. I don't think that we should ban immigrants, because even though we worry about them taking our jobs and a lot of other things, they aren't intentionally doing that. All they need is a job so that they can make a living and take care of their families.

  My third reason to support my opinion for this issue, is that we should show empathy towards them. We see and hear about all of these refugees who are suffering and dying, and we aren't going to do anything about it? What would happen if you were a refugee and you were already in bad condition? I bet that you would want to be let into the U.S., and especially if you were escaping a country with war. You wouldn't want to go back to that country if you had already made it to America. We are all human, and if we aren't going to help these people, we have no humanity.

   This is my opinion on the issue of immigration. I hope that you can find some way to address this issue in a smart and compassionate way. It will help them and us in a way. We will provide a place for them to stay and have rights and freedoms, and they will help our economy grow.  Overall, I think that this is the smartest way to handle this issue.


                                                             Olivia O.