Zakyia W. Wisconsin

The Impact of Bullying

Bullying affects a lot students in very serious ways. Require schools to enforce bullying policies and have teach students about bullying in school.

Dear Mr.President,

When I finished 5th grade, I decided to change schools. I love art and wanted to go to Middle School at Lincoln Center of the Arts in Milwaukee because they focused on using art in their classes. I thought I was going make a lot of friends and do great there but little did I know there were fights. Students in my class pressured and bullied me into giving them money, lying to the teacher and generally made my life miserable. I was afraid of going to school, so I skipped and pretended I was sick. Not just once, but lots of days. By the end of the year, I decided I needed to switch schools.

I went to the Wisconsin Career Academy with my older sister for the rest of 6th grade. Unfortunately, things didn’t change. I was bullied there too. I was teased everyday and called names. It felt like things would never get better. For 7th grade, I went to school online. Online school was very hard. Things moved quickly. It was hard to focus and I didn’t do well. For 8th grade, I went back to my old elementary school and my old friends missed me and things were finally better.

As you can see, Bullying had a big impact on me. Since I was afraid to go to school, I did everything I could to stay home and not go to school. I didn’t learn at home, I watched cartoons and television shows. I tried to go to school on-line, but that didn’t work either. Bullying caused me to go to 4 schools in 3 years.

When I came to high school, I thought it was going to be like high school musical. People sit in a classroom and start dancing and singing every five minutes. It wasn’t like High School Musical, but it was still fun until they started piling the homework on Freshman year. Once the homework started coming, I didn’t know what to do on most of the work and I didn’t ask questions and I quickly fell behind. I wasn’t bullied, but I wasn’t doing well in school. With the help of friends and teachers I have done better in school every year, it still isn’t like High School Musical, but I am doing better in my classes.

Bullying has a negative impact on a lot of other students as well. In fact, according to a 2015 study conducted by the National Center for Educational Statistics, 1 out of every 4 students (22%) report being bullied during the school year. There are 1000 students at my high school. Statistically this means that 220 of my fellow students are currently being bullied. This matter because bullying can have a serious impact on your ability to learn and do well in school. And, according to a 2015 report by the Center for Disease control students who experience bullying are at an increased risk for poor school adjustment, sleep problems, and depression and suicide.

Next President bullying affects a lot students in very serious ways. I believe should enforce more policy about bullying and have assemblies about bullying at all school.You really should make a law about the what will be the effect or strandard for people who bully.Their should be arrangements about how it is handled and so more people have a better understanding on bullying.I think maybe that would change bullies way and view on the subject of bullying.

                                                                                                         Sincerely,Zakyia W.

Wauwatosa West High School

Wauwatosa West American Public Policy

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