Issues on Gun Violence Michigan

Issues on Gun Violence

A big issue in our country today is whether or not to ban guns or change gun laws.

Issues on Gun Violence

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

In recent discussions of gun violence, a controversial issue has been whether or not to ban guns completely. On one side of society, some argue that guns are needed in our nation. They can be used as defensive weapons to use against enemies, especially threatening aspects like terrorists. On the other hand, however, others argue that they should be banned for good. One of the view’s main proponents is that people are getting away with buying guns with no good reason for one. Some of these people can get out of control with their firearm, which can result in shootings or other violent disturbances. To summarize, the issue is whether to change gun control laws or push the issue to the side, like our country has been doing.

Gun violence has been a major issue for many years and has not been resolved. Gun violence is the use of a firearm in committing an act of violence. Many of the recent violent acts in our country have had to deal with the use of guns. “The total number of deaths involved with a gun in 2016 is 12,188. The total number of incidents involved with a gun is 47,276 (Gun).” Other countries around the world don’t have major gun problems like this. Regardless of which presidential candidate wins the election, they need to focus on gun control laws and create stricter rules. In our country, it is a normal thing to see now; almost everyday a different type of shooting occurs and arises in the media. Most of the times when a violent situation occurs, like a mass shooting, there are many different perspectives on it and can make the story more exaggerated or shared than it should be.

My own view is that gun laws should be stricter and if not completely banned. Though I acknowledge the fact that guns can help us when used professionally, I still maintain that gun violence issues need to be settled. I believe that firearm issues bring more violence into our country. People can be influenced by others and their actions or the media, like TV shows, videogames, or social media. This nation must have very strict and limited gun use. There needs to be major background checks on people buying the guns and they must have a valid reason for purchasing the gun. People selling the guns need to be certified by the government. These rules would also apply to police officers, FBI agents, and any other special agency that is apart of the government or help protects our country. The age limit in purchasing a gun is 18, which should be changed to at least 25. The human brain does not fully develop until the age of 25, which could result in taking advantage of a gun and could be the issue of some of these shootings. Changing the age limit to 25 could prevent less shootings in our country.

In conclusion, guns have been a major topic in not just our country, but in our world today. For the most part, they have impacted our country in a negative way. They have caused many harmful violent incidents and have created many different viewpoints on how the next president should handle this issue. Regardless of whether or not gun control laws will be changed when the next president is elected, it is an important topic that needs to be fixed.


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