Carlee Michigan

Gun Control

I think we need to keep the gun laws we have, but make them stricter or enforce them better.

Dear Next President,

I am going to talk gun control. Guns are really dangerous and people should be really careful with them. I think we need to keep the gun laws we have, but make them stricter or we need to enforce them better. People say firearms are most likely to be the first thing that causes accidents.

Protection is a big thing. People need to protect themselves and their families so they might need a handgun to stay safe, but some people that we just can’t trust are criminals. If you take all the guns away the criminals are still going to find away to get a gun, so that idea is really not the best thing you should do.

Mass shootings happen often in California. They attempted to ban guns, but that didn’t work because there was a shooting that only killed a few people. But it’s bad if anyone gets killed. The laws we have are good, but people are still getting killed by guns. That is why we need to try to make the laws stricter and enforce them better. We should try to make the laws on gun control better until there are no more mass shootings. 

Forty-four states have provision in their state constitution similar to the second amendment in the U.S constitution. Taking guns away is not fair to the people who use them right. Some people use them for when they go hunting. My family uses guns for hunting. My dad likes to take us girls out hunting in the woods behind our house. People don’t need a reason to go hunting some people just do it for fun. Or they could do it for the food, or even for family togetherness.

We need to keep the gun laws we have, but make them stricter. 



8th grade

Evart, MI.

Evart Middle School.

Evart Middle School

1st Block

8th Grade LA

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