Amaury M. Oklahoma

Support Music Programs

After-school music programs like El Sistema in OKC help students build a community.

Dear next president,

I believe there should be more programs like El Sistema because music is a key to express yourself. Without feeling and expressions no one would be able to communicate the way they feel and if you are dealing with bad days or full of anger you can just play you instrument and feel calm or better.

Once at a concert a girl by the name of Maliah said, “when I play my instrument I feel like I can do anything it's just me and my cello against the world ... nothing can stand in my way because over these years I have learned music is the strongest bond for humans music is my life, my peace,my freedom and my heart beat.Music keeps me out of trouble.Music has always been in my life.Music is allways been there for me in return i'll express my music and how I feel about music to the whole world so they can see what I see” See that right is why there should be more programs like El sistema this place or organization is the best thing ever

After school programs are great, i've been to plenty! I would like to talk about my favorite one and that is El Sistema, El Sistema is a non profit organization, where you learn how to play an instrument that fits the inner you. For me that would be the violin. What i'm saying is there should me WAY more of these amazing after school programs like this one. There are many kids at EL Sistema there are many kids there according to the website “they serve over two hundred kids (adding at least 100 more each year). The mission of El SIstema oklahoma is to serve the community by engaging within an ensemble -based music program so they can share the joy of music making and grow and responsible citizens”

Music can help you express yourself in many type of ways. Another thing is you're not alone you get to make friends meet nice teacher. Something else you should know it's not just playing your instrument all the have fundamental classes where you build instruments and write music you can sing,there is even a little stomp routine etc.This place is so amazing,there is no negativity NO matter if you might not get along with someone once you start playing your instrument you're just one big family. El sistema is truly a big transformation for me,after school I can't wait to get there it brings a smile to my face everyday.

I feel like there should be more places like this so other children can feel the way I feel, the feel of joy playing my instrument


Amaury M.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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