Marissa D. Missouri

School Funding

Music, Art, Language, and Gifted Programs are being cut in schools because of a lack of funding.

Dear Future president,

It's no doubt that education is important.  Core classes are the base of this country, but this country is also known for it's culture.  Famous artists and musicians are some of the most known people in the country, they make their living entertaining us.  What if these people never got the chance to explore their creativity and see just how good they are.  Funds have been cut from so many schools in the country, and the first thing schools cut is their music, art, or language programs. 

Music has countless benefits, it helps so many people.  Music causes you to use different parts of your brain, that you wouldn't normally use otherwise.  Music has been proven to enhance your learning ability, and change your brain structure.  These enhance your ability to communicate and listen later in life, which is a very desirable quality for many jobs.  Preparing you for later in life, is something that language classes would definitely do.  Knowing a different language can increase your chances of getting a job.  You are easily able to better communicate with other people, and interact with different kinds of culture.  Gifted programs nurture and enhance the talents of thousands of children in the US.  They help students who think in different ways to use their creativity to better their education and the education of other students.

The base of all of these things being cut, is the funding that is provided.  Funding is being cut in 80% of schools.  Gifted, music, language, and art programs are always the first things to be cut in the schools, because they are believed to be the least important of programs offered in the schools.  To raise the funding in the schools I suggest: 

  • making programs where the community as well as the school district could work together in creating money by asking local people to support our education
  • Many students at schools could show off their talents to raise money, such as concerts and art shows  
  • Sales of certain goods, where the profit could go to the schools

People may argue that things like this still won't create enough money, and the core classes are more important to keep than these other programs.  Perhaps these people are right, but I don't believe there is enough effort being put into fundraisers for  schools.  There are so many things that people within our schools could do to benefit our education, that there shouldn't be any programs being cut. Other programs that we receive in school are important for our education.  These programs should not be being cut.

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