Norah & Lily Oklahoma

Hunger in the United States

Millions of Americans struggle with hunger and food insecurity. This should be dealt with more efficiently.

Dear Future President,

As you start your first term as president, hopefully you will think of big problems in the U.S. such as hunger. This issue is affecting many people in the U.S. Many families are living in poverty so they cannot afford to feed themselves and their children daily. This not only affects their health, but also their lives.

According to the Move For Hunger foundation, 49,078,000 people in the U.S. are food insecure. This means they struggle to have enough to eat. Nationally, the minimum expense for feeding an average family of four is $145 to $287 a week! Hunger and food insecurity makes the risk of illness & infection extremely higher. Health is important for everyone and not being able to afford meals is a reason that we all should be able to fix.

Many parents are having to pick between buying a meal or paying bills, health insurance, etc. We don’t think any family, adult, or child anywhere should have to go through this.

Around 59% of these households also already participate in big nutrition programs to help these people. Obviously, this isn’t solving the problem, because there are still families that are at their last dime. Parents are not being able to raise their children properly, because they are barely paying for more important thing like utility bills, mortgage, insurance, etc. About 12 million children are starving in America and don’t get to eat a full nutritious meal every day. According to the Feeding America foundation, In 2015, 43.1 million people were in poverty and 42.2 million in food insecure houses.

In conclusion, we think that hunger in America should be dealt with more efficiently. Nobody should be waiting for their next meal! Nobody should not be able to feed their family. Nobody should trade off between buying food or paying bills. Everyone should get daily, healthy meals so that nobody has to starve.


Norah and Lily

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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