Jackie R. Oklahoma

Police Brutality/Gun Control

Police brutality and gun control are two things that should be controlled. We are in 2016, and these are both still major issues that should be settled.

Dear Future President, 

     I'm sure you have taken into account what tragedies are happening in the world, one of which is police brutality. Another one that I think goes hand in hand with that is gun control. When this system of government was created, they didn't take into consideration the bad factors. Laws should be amended, because of the fatal list of events that have occurred in the past years. Everyone should be treated equally, but gun laws should be restricted. 

     First, an example I want to address is the death of Michael Brown. According to news reports, this young man was unarmed, had no intention of causing any harm, and was African American. Police shot him and killed him, which caused a huge riot in the city of Ferguson. He was not doing anything to provoke the police to shoot him. This is an example of police brutality. 

     Second, another issue I will address is gun control. Gun control is something that goes hand in hand. I think policemen should be able to carry their guns with them, but should know in which situations they must be used. To make sure gun violation is control, I want you to understand that better laws should be put in place to control guns. We all know it won't help fully, but it might make a difference in the economy and change the views we have of our country. 

     Since 2006, 49.5% of deaths in the United States are from police brutality, according to a web article.  Many may say, "They deserve the treatment they get," but most of the victims had no intent of causing harm and police had no actual reasoning as to why they had to shoot the victim. These incidents of police not only have an effect on those in the incident, but everyone in the community as a whole. Families, children, citizens of every community hear about these incidents. They are so scared that whenever they see a policemen, they try their hardest not to do any slight thing that might provoke the officer. 

     How would you feel if you were pulled over, questioned for no apparent reason, and treated unfairly just by the color of your skin? On every social media platform possible, you can see several videos of policemen pulling a person over and the person getting shot for no reason. We all know that no matter what, racism will live on, but what we can do about this is ensure that our officers know to treat everyone equally and that everyone is entitled to the same rights?  What we can do about gun control is implement stricter laws and ensure guns are going into the right people's hands and make sure guns aren't so easy to possess. 

     In conclusion, police brutality and gun control are major issues here in the United States. You see something daily about one or the other on the news. Every story sounds exactly alike. Everyone think about these two things. Police brutality and guns should be something that shouldn't be uncontrolled. We've gone through history with the two making a huge impact, and we still can't get either controlled. Something should be done about these issues. I want the next president to support a stricter gun system and do something about the present gun laws. 

East Central High School - Tulsa

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