Lauren J. Oklahoma

Lowering Educational Costs

We need to reduce college tuition to improve the lives of students.

Dear Future President,

We live in a world where having money at any age gives an obvious advantage. This advantage creates new opportunities educationally for those who have it and limits those who do not. The cost of a college education has gotten to a point where it is often unattainable and prevents numerous ambitious, intelligent minds from receiving the education or consequently career they desire.

If all people are truly equal, everyone deserves an equal opportunity and right to education. Preventing students from attending college due to cost limits our country's overall development and success as possible revolutionary ideas and thoughts are never considered in a college setting.

Americans are seldom forced to give up an opportunity to pursue individual passions through college educations due to expenses. The thought of paying back student loans until the age of forty outweighs the benefits of a degree for many prospective students. It is a commonly known idea that students who do choose to attend a university are completely broke, as they pay for tuition and needless expenses and eat ramen every night.

Every American needs to have the right to better themselves and their future through the course of college. The education system already receives little funding as is, and the fact that students have to try to barely scrape by as best they can as they mature through school is unacceptable. The fact that classes don't have enough desks or books to provide, and that if I make the decision to pursue a college education then I am also making a decision to be in debt for twenty years is ridiculous.

Reducing the cost of college tuition would provide more intellectual and educated citizens of the country. Dealing with the costs of college tuition is extremely limiting and forces people to be in debt for a great portion of their lives, and this issue needs to change immediately.