Joe D. Connecticut

Police Brutality

Police Brutality has been a big issue in 2016. So big that is has claimed the lives of hundreds. Our president needs to be able to fix these problems.

Dear Future President,

I applaud you for your grit and determination, These characteristics have taken you this far and have brought the best out of both candidates. Our nation has been a country of law and freedom since its beginning. Today both of those substantial values are threatened by the continuous division of race and religion. Police Brutality incidents have been multiplying across the country and innocent discriminated civilians are paying the price. These incidents are clearly a problem and the next four years are the most crucial in terms of timing to solve the issue. This being said none of the steps to solve the problems are being taken.

I am fortunate enough to live in a united community in which the police is fair and responsible. Many however are not fortunate. Their police continue to target community members of different race and religion. How can we build up a nation filled with hope and dreams when our own citizens fear us. Being a young citizen i have never truly seen a full nationwide discrimination incident. Incarceration rates are almost those of the time of the 1960s for people of color. According the Huffington Post, In 2012-2014 a total of 8 people died from police brutality in Germany, Japan, and England. In the United States 1,100 people died from police brutality incidents. That means that a police brutality caused death happens about every 8 hours. 848 of those people being people of color. Movements like black lives matter match sizes of moments that were only active in 1960s (the peak of segregation tensions). The future president needs to be able to restore trust in unstable communities. He must also enforce stronger punishments for those who kill innocent citizens. Our country lacks the training and professionalism in our police force. In almost all states hairstylists have to have more training hours than police. To think that hairstylist barely can harm you with their materials and have more training requirement time than police who have equipment that can end someone's life, it really makes people question the qualification of our police force. Our future president needs to address these issues with confidence and provide efficient solutions to solve this crisis. It's time for all americans to not be afraid of those who swear to protect them.

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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