Sabree S. Pennsylvania

Crime rate

Dear Next President: What if you were just walking and were mugged would you choose your belongings or would you run and most likely be killed or severely injured? People in america are being killed and incarcerated, kids are killing and are being killed, black men are being gunned down by the law enforcement that is supposed to protect them over little crimes or for a little resistance. The crime rate is on the rise because of things such as police brutality if the people who are supposed to protect you are harming you or your loved ones who are you supposed to depend on. This issue has made people take up a stand against law enforcement and the government. Making stricter gun laws can help reduce the crime rate. The crime rate in Philadelphia has gone down since the 1980's but is slowly rising making it more difficult to live a peaceful and safe life in the city of Philadelphia. In the city of Philadelphia almost 20% of homicides and other related crimes are committed by teens under 18 years old. Lots of people are affected by this problem but to me it is mostly African Americans that are affected by this, you can easily go on social media and see one of your own gunned down from start to finish with no edits what so ever and that is the edible truth. This affects america greatly because lots of people are dying early deaths at young ages in philadelphia and in other places in america and this makes it difficult for the people of america to believe in their government and the police officer's. A solution that exist already that really aids in lowering crimes is metal detectors and security staff this make teens less likely to stir up any trouble and can make you feel safer in your school environment. In addition to stricter gun laws, maybe have more programs that will help teens and young children to stay out the streets and help them realize the true danger that can lead to their deaths or injuries. Dear next president I want you to enforce stricter gun laws and more consequences to officers that fail there objective to serve and protect and who are involved in unnecessary force and overkill by taking more shots they needed to subdue criminals this would calm a lot of tension between the black community and law enforcement by a large margin.


Sabree Spearman