Cole Boyd Ohio

Gun Control

We need stricter gun control laws.

Dear Mr. President-elect Trump:

Hello my name is Cole Boyd and I would like to inform that people are dieing because of guns. Also people that shouldn't have guns are using loopholes to get guns that should not have in the first place.

According 67% of murders are caused by guns. Some states already have gun control laws that all the country should have well. On occasions some murders are used by guns that are bought through loopholes that the current gun control laws placed by the government. Also according to Califonia has all gun sale proced in a licened dealer.Versun Ohio does not require a liceanse

People on the No Fly List are getting guns and if they aren’t allowed to fly shouldn’t they not be able to buy guns where they can go around their community attacking places with the guns they bought to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent United States to lack of gun control laws. People are scared of what people can do with guns. For example the Pulse night club that's in Orlando Florida could've been prevented by gun control laws and Planned Parenthood in Oklahoma if we had stricter gun control laws in place.

I beg you to pass some stricter gun control laws. At least you could prevent probable terrorists on the no fly list from getting guns as well as mentally unstable people from getting guns to prevent tragedies like Planned Parenthood, Pulse Night Club, and Paris here in the United States from happening in the future.


Cole Boyd