Cammie N. Minnesota

Gun Control

The United States of America needs stricter background checks for all citizens who are buying a gun.

Dear Mr. President,

While watching this whirlwind of a political campaign, I am well aware of your views regarding gun control. While I am in support and understanding of our 2nd amendment, I do believe that laws need to be put into place to create a better, healthier society. Guns are proven to be justified for the protection of people, but I firmly believe that guns are doing more harm than good. No, we should not ban guns, but we do need to have background checks for all people who are interested in buying one. 

I think it's completely insane that a 13 year old can can't buy alcohol, can't buy a lottery ticket, but can buy a gun. Those who are mentally ill can get a gun with ease. There have been too many shootings and deaths in our country. I'm surprised that the government still hasn't done anything to provide more protection for citizens in America. We need to realize that it's not 1787 anymore (signing of the Declaration of Independence). Times have changed, and we don't need guns for the same reasons. Friends are losing their loved ones, mothers are losing their children, and this country is losing its sense of realistic values. Human lives are more important than guns. 

I'll restate that I think this country needs background checks for all people interested in buying a gun. I urge you to consider my letter and rethink your views regarding gun control.