Madison C. Ohio

Gun Control

Many people around the United States have access to guns who should not be able to get one so easily, and I think that with stricter laws on guns that the number of gun related deaths in the United States will drop.

Dear Future President,

Gun control is a big issue in the U.S. that needs to be dealt with. Many people have access to guns who want to use them for different reasons that they’re not meant for. The amount of deaths each year caused by guns needs to be minimized.

In the U.S. anyone has access to buy guns or gun parts, but you have to be licensed to be able to legally carry and shoot one. Many people can buy a gun and people not know if they are or aren’t licensed. According to a website on gun control, there were a total of 464,033 gun related deaths between 1999 and 2013: 270,237 suicides (58.2% of total deaths); 174,773 homicides (37.70%) and 9,983 unintentional deaths (2.2%). Not everyone who owns a gun knows how to use one responsibly which is one of the main cause of unintentional deaths.

I feel that guns and gun parts should not be able to be sold to just anyone because crime rates are going up all around the world and I feel that it is a major issue. I think that you should not only be licensed to carry guns but licensed to buy guns or gun parts. Some people will use them for harm, but they are meant for self-defense, hunting, and aiming at targets. I believe that buying guns should be a harder process than it is today. There should be stricter laws on who and who can’t buy guns or gun parts.

In conclusion I think that there should be stricter rules on who can and who can’t buy guns or gun parts, and only certain people should be able to get them. If we can accomplish this then the numbers for gun related deaths will decrease.


Madison Cotton