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Letter to President

Written by: Jacob Brueck

Dear Mr./Mrs. President

Education is something every single person has had during their lifetime. However many people aren’t able to get a higher level of education due to the money required to be able to take classes in the school. The question is how do we solve this problem?, through logos we see that making education free causes a higher amount of people who will go to the college, it creates more tax, and social classes would deteriorate.

The first effect of education becoming free is more people will be able to attend college. This is because students and parents no longer have to worry about the limitations of money, students only have to worry about their grades. “ the percentage of students from low-income families attending college immediately after getting their high-school diplomas has declined by 10 percentage points since 2008”. This fact shows through logos that low income families are unable to send their children to college not because of the students lack of ability but because they will be in tremendous debt and because of this they can't send the student to college.

The next effect of education becoming free is it will create more tax, College tuition is a large amount of money coming in every year, if all public colleges are free then there needs to be a way to somehow make that money back. “ There's no such thing as a free lunch. And in the case of one of Bernie Sanders' key proposals, the “lunch” for taxpayers could turn out to cost a whopping $70 billion per year”, according to statistics from U.S. News.Feb 6, 2016. What this is saying is with free tuition comes a tax because of the $70 billion not accounted for without the tuition money. We can see through logos that free tuition comes at a charge, Taxes will be raised to account for the 70 Billion lost.

The final effect of free tution that is proved through logos is that social classes would deteriorate, because of the higher amount of people going to college there is no divide of who can get a job, which means low income families would be able to pay for their child to become a higher level of profession and get a better job therefore the social classes would deteriorate. “College graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates over their lifetime, and the income gap between the highest-paid college majors and the lowest-paid is more than $3 million dollars.” Through logos this quote shows us that since each student that gets their high school diploma with free education will now have the opportunity to make as high as $3 million more in their lifetime than they typically would, this means that since each person can make an equal income there would be no social classes.

In conclusion, through logos we see that free college tuition will make social classes deteriorate, it will create more tax, and colleges will have more students attending. Every person has education during their life but whether you had a higher level of education was determined by your wealth.

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