Hanna S. Ohio

Gun Control

I think there should be no more gun laws

I don’t think that guns should be taken away from people. The guns don’t do anything, the guns aren’t the ones killing people. People are the ones killing people. What happens when you’re at home, and someone decides to try and rob and kill you? You have nothing to protect yourself with. According to the website Procon org, even if guns were taken away, that still wouldn’t stop people from killing. People don’t only kill people because they want to, they also kill people because they want revenge. More people have been killed by knives, drunk drivers, bare hands and hammers more than people have been killed with guns. People need guns in order to protect themselves.

I think guns should be allowed in certain areas, and allowed to be on cops. The states that have the most shootings are the states that shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. There are over 310 million people in the world that have guns. Not all those people kill. They have those guns to either protect themselves, or to hunt with. Guns shouldn’t be taken because of people that like to kill other people because they’re mad. Most shootings happen in a gun controlled zone because the shooters know the civilians do not have a weapon to fight back with, shooters go after most vulnerable targets. Many gun owners just own guns for protection in their home and/or hunting. It is the person who owns the gun you should be concerned about not the weapon itself.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Somebody has to physically pick up a gun for the gun to go off and shoot somebody. Humans have been using guns for over 400 years there has never been a problem that they had to ban guns. Guns are a mean of survival and protection and always will be. People should run background checks on everyone who tries to purchase a gun. They should not sell guns to people that are mentally ill or have other types mental disorders. Guns should only be sold to people that has not committed any violent crimes. This will stop a lot of gun crimes that happen in America today. Guns should be sold to people for protection and hunting.


Hanna Sorrell