Emily w. New York

Help Save our Oceans

The letter I have wrote is about ways we can help save our ocean by getting all of the garbage out and also ways we can use less plastic.

 Dear Future President,

As you may know there has been a big increase in garbage in our waters over the years. It is hazardous to the water and sea life and animals surrounding it. Most of the trash in the water is plastic. That is especially harmful to the environment. Ways we can help is using less plastic. We could use reusable BPA free water bottles. Even though plastic bags are cheaper to make we should use paper bags more that are better for the environment. Plastic is the most widely used material in the world. We need to stop that because it is terrible for our environment.

There are many organizations we should put our money towards The Ocean Cleanup where by catching all the plastic that goes with the current on the top and lets the sea life go under it. Instead of nets they use solid screens which catch the floating plastic; it will slowly get pushed towards the center of the array becoming even more concentrated. A central collection point extracts and buffers the debris, before being shipped to land. By recycling the debris and selling the semi-finished product directly to B2C companies, they aim to eventually make the operation self-sustainable.

This organization could help getting rid of most of plastic in our waters, this is what we should be putting our money.


Emily W