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Illegal Immigration

I wrote a letter to the president regarding the issue of Illegal Immigrants

Dear Future President,

Immigration is a building block of the United States, and contributes greatly to why we are such a successful country. As you know illegal immigration is an issue that America is coping with now. The need for cheap labor and the need for jobs causes illegal immigration in the United States. It is vital for some businesses to have cheap immigration labor. Over 10 million unauthorized immigrants reside in the United States. More than half come from Mexico and over 500,000 are deported back to where they came from each year ( Many of these immigrants are looking for jobs and better living opportunities for them and their family. You have to do something to help clear up this issue.

Illegal border crossings are caused by people who want a better life and a job. Millions of people every year cross into America. Businesses are interested in hiring these people even if they are aware they are not citizens. They do this because they can pay their employees less money and the immigrants are willing to do difficult jobs. Although this might seem harmless to some, there is a problem with this type of immigration. These people, who will be working and living in America are taking jobs. This makes many citizens angry, they are frustrated because many Americans are struggling to get jobs while illegal immigrants are taking their jobs.

There is a lot that can be done to start reducing the amount of illegal immigrants in the US. It would definitely be beneficial to increase security on our borders and deport any people trying to illegally jump the border. But as President Obama said, “[These people] came to work, and study, and serve in our military, and above all, contribute to America's success”(Barack Obama). These people are just trying to make money for their family, learn, and help our nation. Not all of these people should be punished. He offered a plan that if you have been in America for more than five years, or if you have American born children, and if you agree to pay taxes then you'll be able to stay in the U.S temporarily. This is a good compromise, so the people who have been in the U.S can earn legal citizenship, and it’s fair for everyone.

I agree with President Obama, but if we're going to do anything about this problem we should start now. We need install better border security and pass laws, so businesses can’t hire illegal immigrants. Take this all into consideration when covering this issue. It will be difficult, but if we start now I think illegal immigration rates will slow down.